Long Days of Small Things: Motherhood as a Spiritual Discipline (NavPress, 2017)

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What people are saying:

Motherhood is about the sculpting of souls, and Catherine McNiel hands you desperately needed tools. Not only for the formation of your family―but for your own soul. Let God do a holy, needful work through the pages you hold in your hands. (Ann Voskamp, mother of 7 and NYT bestselling author)

Here’s a book for every Christian parent forced to smile through an exhortation to “enjoy every moment; it’s all over so fast!” Catherine McNiel doesn’t urge you to “make time for God” in early parenting but rather to see God there already: in the trial, in the joy, in the leaky diapers, plugged ducts, and scraped knees. Instead of being one more call to “sleep when the baby sleeps,” her book can help a weary parent wake up a bit more to the eternal life they’re living. (Ted Olsen, Director of editorial development at Christianity Today)

Catherine’s words are nothing short of a banquet table of nourishment for a hungry mama’s soul. Long Days of Small Things invites the reader to see the mundane tasks of motherhood (changing diapers, folding laundry, planning meals, etc.)―not as interruptions to our spiritual life―but as an oft-overlooked path closer to Jesus. Accept Catherine’s invitation, mom. Read and be seen, feel valued, and awaken to the beautiful, spiritual practice of motherhood. (Aubrey Sampson, Author of Overcomer)

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