Do you have a story to tell?

I can help you write it.

  • Whether you are collecting ideas, crafting a proposal, or wrestling with a full manuscript, I can offer encouragement, collaboration, and expertise. Services include:

Next-Steps Coaching or Consultation

  • (45 min Conference Call)
    If you’re wondering where to begin, or what to do next, this is the best place to start!

Non-Fiction Book Proposal Review

  • I’ll review your book proposal and offer an evaluation. If desired, I can assist with crafting, editing, or co-writing.

Non-Fiction Manuscript Review

  • I’ll review your full or partial manuscript and offer an evaluation of its areas of strengths and potential for improvement. If desired, I can also assist with editing or co-writing.

General Writing & Editing

  • Whatever you’re working on, I can help you envision, write, or edit it into just what you’d like it to be.

Whatever stage of the process you’re in, use the form below and let’s chat.

In just one week, Catherine helped me move from brainstorm to blueprint on my book proposal, and later helped me work out the kinks as I wrote. And the best part: I got a book deal because of it!



Working with Catherine jumpstarted my writing. She quickly found the root of my ideas, formed them into a strong format, and coached me through the writing process. 



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