I read this recently and I loved the idea – the way it turns a daily task into a spiritual goal. I’ve been trying it.
“A table can be so many things – from a desk to an altar. It is around the table that we gather for meals. At the table we study, play games, sort the mail, pay bills, and do so much of what is needed for a household.
_Tables are often cluttered. In a rush we pile them high, be they counters, bureaus, sideboards, desks. or ordinary tables. An empty surface invites this kind of use. _

_Were we to clear one surface in our homes and try to keep it free of everything, we would soon find how hard that is is – and how much our minds are likewise surfaces that clutter up. _

_Keeping a clear table is a form of hospitality, for a conscious empty space reminds us to clear ourselves and so invite our souls. Spaciousness is the home of the soul. _

Even on small surface kept clear is a powerful reminder. Resting our eyes on such a cleared surface invites God’s company and feeds our souls.”

From Simple Ways Towards the Sacred by Gunilla Norris

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