There must be a reason its called GOOD news…right?

I always feel so sad when I hear people attack Christianity by saying things like “of course it can’t be true…can you imagine how horrible it would be if something this horrible were true?” And I hear this fairly frequently.

Then again, I feel _so much sadder _when I read or watch Christians preaching or living or talking about a version of something somehow related to “Christianity” that is just that horrible. And I’m sorry to say this too happens to me frequently.

Not just in the media so don’t bother to blame them; I encounter this in my real life.

Last Sunday I walked into my church and saw a huge banner that said:

What God Wants: *the vulnerable cared for. the oppressed freed. the hungry fed. the stranger welcomed. the good news announced. *Isaiah 58**

If there are multitudes of people who believe Christians preach that God wants something entirely other than these things shame on us. It must be called Good News for a reason, right? If it doesn’t sound like Good News to the people who hear it, we’re doing something very, very wrong.


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