The hardest part of our climb is here. Watch and pray. Watch and pray. Today we sit at the cross and try to remain there. For us, in the modern West, the danger is not in the physical staying, but in the mentally and emotionally staying. What will we see and hear and realize and confront if we allow ourselves to really sit and stay here?

Tomorrow we will wake and the world will still be dark – because the light has gone out and taken with it our Hope. Tomorrow night we will continue to watch and pray, watch and pray. We will sit together in the dark room and begin a long, long time of remembering. We will read to each other stories that begin at the beginning. We will try to understand.

Tomorrow night will begin dark, but the bells – so many weeks absent – will be waiting in my bag. Tomorrow night will not end in darkness.

Yesterday as we drove around town my sensitive B said from his car seat “I’m sad.” When I asked him why he said “Because God died.”

A moment later we turned a corner and were confronted with a gorgeous sunset, the sky lit up in all shades of blues and pinks and yellows and oranges. “But death could not hold Him, Little B,” I reminded him victoriously, “He has risen from the dead and is alive forever. And look at that beautiful sky He made!”

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