Springtime is here and my house is full of flowers. And I mean full of flowers. I’ve counted over 70 tulips that have burst into song somewhere in the yard and over half of those have made it into a bouquet in my kitchen or living room. Then there is the incredibly in need of trimming robust lilac bush right outside our door. This lavender cloud is so heavy with sweet smelling lilac blossoms that walking past it is like walking through a floral tunnel. Many, many bunches of these tiny flowers have also made their way into vases and pitchers in my house. The combined fragrance of all this springtime joy is at times so heady and strong that I have to flee the kitchen for some fresh air. And I haven’t even mentioned the Easter lilies, the daffodils, and the many many bouquets of dandelions that B picks daily for me, with a sweet “I know you love flowers Mommy, so I picked these for you.”

My house is full of sunshine, as the days get longer and the sun rises higher. Sunshine pouring into my kitchen in the morning, as we sit happily half blinded by it at the table, munching our cereal and breathing in flowers. Sunshine lighting up the living room in the afternoon; sunshine still eagerly peeking through the shades as I put my children to bed in the evening.

Of course, my house is also full of dust, mud, dirty dishes, laundry, toys, paper, and tantrums. But putting that aside for a moment…

Its hard not to hear the music of life in the springtime. All of creation is bursting forth, reborn, made new. I’m certain that there must be some frequency unheard by human ears in which flowers make deep, rich, music with chords and harmony. I can see the song, and I can smell the song.

The earth is awakening, and I awaken my soul to You.

The soils is being turned and made ready, and I make myself ready for You.

All living things turn their faces to you and burst into songs of jubilation. I also will dress myself in joy as I turn my face to you.

All living things are beginning again. With your strength I too will begin again.

Welcome, Friend

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